Inter-school Taekwondo …

Inter-school Taekwondo championship 2022

So here’s the first win for 2022 – KVTC students win big again!

Sports always drive passion in our differently-abled or we must say exceptionally abled students. The way these children put in their efforts and hard work and keep pushing themselves to perform better than in the previous competition has always inspired us. This time at the Inter-School Taekwondo Championship 2022 organised by Universal Taekwondo Club, Team KVTC comprising 39 tireless athletes, 09 Girls, and 30 Boys, marks a historic win with 36 Gold and 3 Silver medals and a Winner’s Trophy. And our girls, the 9 in the 39, proved that they are equally competent if provided a level playing field.

Well done Team KVTC! (march 6, 2022)