“Farheen is serving KVTC since 1996, started as a volunteer to different posts and now as Manager Administration. She works attentively with the Management Committee at KVTC.”

Farheen Amir

Chief Operating Officer
amir-shahab-amir Shahab-kvtc

“Amir served his services in KVTC since 1994; he leads academics, fund raising and sport team, responsible for moving KVTC towards being a more valuable institute for intellectually challenged persons.”

Amir Shahab

Director Rehabilitation

“Sana, in this role is responsible for leading all Rehabilitation teams (Academic & Vocational) at Karachi Vocational Training Centre. She joined KVTC in May 2017 and brings with her a wealth of 14 years work experience in the field of therapy and education.”

Sana Ayaz


“She has been associated with KVTC for the last 20 years. She puts all her efforts and involvement towards KVTC’s success and always maintains a professional demeanor. As a Family Relations Manager she is responsible for the screening of prospective students and is a liaison between parents and all departments. She is a Master’s in Special Education from University of Karachi.”

Sabeen Waqar

Manager Family Relations
Dr. Reema Sajjad - General Physician - KVTC

“Dr. Reema Sajjad has been working with KVTC since March 2018. She graduated from Dow Medical College and holds a degree in Health Care Management from IBA. She is trained in Basic Life support accredited by the American Heart Association and also completed her MCPS training in Family medicine. She addresses all health issues of the trainees and staff at KVTC.”

Dr. Reema Sajjad

General Physician
Shoaib Ahmed Khan- Manager Accounts- KVTC

“Shoaib oversees the financial activities of KVTC, including accounting operations, external audits, budgeting, financial analysis, and planning, and is responsible for ensuring legal and regulatory compliance of the financial functions. He has more than 15 years of experience in similar fields.”

Shoaib Ahmed Khan

Sr. Manager Finance

The Management Committee of KVTC embodies strategic vision, diverse expertise, and dedicated leadership, committed to advancing the institution’s mission and goals. Comprising individuals from varied professional backgrounds, the committee leverages its collective experience to ensure comprehensive governance and effective decision-making. Each member brings unique skills and insights, contributing to a robust framework that supports KVTC’s operational and strategic initiatives. The committee’s primary responsibilities include setting long-term strategic objectives, overseeing financial management, ensuring regulatory compliance, and fostering an organizational culture of excellence and integrity. By prioritizing transparency and accountability, the Management Committee maintains the trust and confidence of stakeholders, including employees, partners, and the community.

In addition to their governance role, the committee members actively engage in fostering innovation and sustainability within KVTC. They spearhead initiatives that align with emerging trends and industry best practices, ensuring that the organization remains competitive and resilient in a dynamic environment. Through regular meetings, strategic reviews, and performance assessments, the committee monitors progress towards strategic goals and makes necessary adjustments to stay on course. Their proactive approach to risk management and crisis response ensures that KVTC can navigate challenges and seize opportunities effectively.

The Management Committee also places a strong emphasis on fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment. They advocate for diversity and inclusion at all levels of KVTC, recognizing that a diverse workforce enhances creativity and problem-solving. By promoting professional development and continuous learning, the committee ensures that employees are well-equipped to meet evolving demands and contribute to KVTC’s success. Furthermore, the committee is committed to corporate social responsibility, endorsing initiatives that positively impact society and the environment.

Overall, the Management Committee’s leadership is pivotal in steering KVTC towards sustainable growth and long-term success. Their strategic foresight, coupled with their dedication to ethical practices and stakeholder engagement, positions KVTC as a leader in its field, well-prepared to face future challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.