Triumphant Glory KVTC’s Differently-Abled Kickboxers Shine in Lahore Championship

The Karachi Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) made headlines at the Intra Division Kickboxing Championship in Lahore, demonstrating exceptional prowess and resilience. Differently-abled members of the KVTC kickboxing team clinched an impressive 14 gold and 2 silver medals, securing the prestigious 1st position trophy and proudly representing Sindh on a national scale.
The Medal Distribution Ceremony, a jubilant affair honoring these outstanding athletes, welcomed esteemed guests from Pak Kuwait Investment Company. Mr. Naveed Sherwani, Senior Executive Vice President/Chief Risk Officer, Mr. Hammad Anwar, Head HR & GSSD, and Ms. Firoza Salman, Vice President GSSD, bestowed medals upon each participant, recognizing their remarkable feats.
The event garnered attention from notable figures such as KVTC’s President, Dr. Akhter Aziz Khan, CEO Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, Joint Secretary Prof. Dr. Farhan Essa, and Vice President Mr. Muhammad Qaysar Alam, all of whom provided unwavering support to the triumphant kickboxers.
Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, CEO of KVTC, expressed profound pride in the athletes, remarking, “This victory transcends mere medals; it underscores the indomitable spirit of determination, affirming our belief in the potential of ‘Qabil Hai Pakistan‘. Our kickboxers have showcased extraordinary skills, and we stand immensely proud of their accomplishments.”
Prof. Dr. Farhan Essa, Joint Secretary of KVTC, highlighted the significance of such triumphs in promoting inclusivity and empowering differently-abled individuals. “KVTC stands as a beacon of hope, celebrating abilities and dismantling barriers. These exceptional athletes embody resilience and excellence, underscoring the importance of inclusivity in unlocking boundless potential,” he stated.
The Medal Distribution Ceremony underscored KVTC’s dedication to providing opportunities for differently-abled individuals, offering a platform for them to shine on a national stage.
KVTC continues to inspire and uplift, demonstrating that with determination and support, greatness is within reach.

kickboxing champions

Golden Glory: Kickboxing Champions Secure 14 Gold and 2 Silver Medals!

In an electrifying display of skill and determination, our kickboxing champions have etched their names in the annals of sporting history. With 14 gold medals gleaming like sun-kissed victories and 2 silver medals adding a touch of brilliance, they’ve left their opponents in awe. 🥋🏅

Join us as we unravel their journey, celebrate their triumphs, and delve into the heart-pounding moments that defined this remarkable haul. From fierce battles in the ring to the sweet taste of victory, this blog is your ringside pass to the adrenaline-fueled world of kickboxing excellence. 🌟💪

Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and awestruck by these warriors who’ve turned sweat into gold and passion into medals. 🥇🥈 Let their stories ignite your own fighting spirit! 🔥

Remember: Behind every medal lies countless hours of sacrifice, unwavering dedication, and the indomitable spirit of champions. 🌟👊

Empowering meet-up…

Karachi Vocational Training Centre, in collaboration with HR Networking Forum and Human Capital HR Solutions, organised an ‘Empowering Meetup

Inter-school Taekwondo …

Inter-school Taekwondo championship 2022

So here’s the first win for 2022 – KVTC students win big again!

Sports always drive passion in our differently-abled or we must say exceptionally abled students. The way these children put in their efforts and hard work and keep pushing themselves to perform better than in the previous competition has always inspired us. This time at the Inter-School Taekwondo Championship 2022 organised by Universal Taekwondo Club, Team KVTC comprising 39 tireless athletes, 09 Girls, and 30 Boys, marks a historic win with 36 Gold and 3 Silver medals and a Winner’s Trophy. And our girls, the 9 in the 39, proved that they are equally competent if provided a level playing field.

Well done Team KVTC! (march 6, 2022)

Ziauddin University…

MOU signing between Ziauddin University of Health Sciences and KVTC

KVTC has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ziauddin University of Health Sciences @ziauddin_university to share expertise and collaborate on research and training programs for the differently abled. ( FEB 24, 2022)

KDSP and KVTC have…

KDSP and KVTC have joined hands

The Down Syndrome individuals will now be venturing forth with a sturdier foot because KDSP Karachi Down Syndrome Program and KVTC have joined hands to impact!

We are delighted to announce that KVTC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with KDSP – Karachi Down Syndrome Program @karachidownsyndromeprogram   (january 16 2022)

Sindh CM endorses KVTC…

"CM Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah Endorses Historic Specially Abled Graduation Ceremony by KVTC"

KVTC achieves another milestone, holds the first graduation ceremony of their specially abled students at Unilever Head Office, Avari Tower, Karachi.


The Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah reached as the chief guest and distributed the medals & certificates to the Differently Abled Graduates of KVTC. CM Sindh congrats the entire team of KVTC and stated that “Govt. of Sindh hereby stands with KVTC to realize their Vision 2030 to enable at least 5000 Differently Abled people of Sindh.”


The event was attended by a number of political and social personalities including Special Assistant to CM Sindh on DEPD Mr. Sadiq Ali Memon, Deputy Commissioner South, Karachi Mr. Irshad Ali Soodhar, Mr. Salman A. Siddiqui from SSGC, Mr. Ahmed Shah, and Mr. Nadeem Khan & Mr. Omer Khan from Brookes Pharma and others were present. Mr. Sadiq Ali Memon ensures his department’s and Sindh government’s full support for the accomplishment of the institute’s future goals.


The guests were welcomed by the members of the Management Committee of KVTC including Principal Ms. Sana Ayaz, Director Rehabilitation Mr. Amir Shahab, and Director Administration Ms. Farheen Amir, Ms. Sabeen Waqar, Family Relations Manager, Mr. Imran Sohail, Curriculum Manager, Ms. Bushra Mir, Creative Consultant, and Ms. Aleena Fatima Exec. Manager HR.


The talented children of KVTC also gave mesmerizing performances which were well received by the guests.

CEO of KVTC Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan and President KVTC Dr. Akhter Aziz along with Vice President Mr. Qaiser Alam, and the general body members of KVTC including Chairman Unilever Mr. Amir Rasool Paracha, and Mr. Khalid Mir, and others were also present to encourage the children who received certificates. 


While giving opening speech Vice President KVTC Mr. Qaysar Alam said, “This is the first-ever special needs institute to hold a graduation ceremony for special children in Pakistan.”


Addressing the function, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan said, “Today is a very important day for our children and for us. Today’s event is the result of the dedication of these children and the hard work of our teachers and trainers. I would like to thank all the friends and well-wishers of KVTC for attending the event and encouraging us.”


CEO Unilever Mr. Amir Paracha urge the corporate sector to step forward to the great cause of KVTC and said, “It was a soulful event that KVTC has successfully organized and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

KVTc students perf…

KVTc students performed at Dawlance Long Service Awards 2021

The Differently Abled students of KVTC were invited to perform at Dawlance Long Service Awards 2021 organised by Brand Logics.

The event was in appreciation to honour the journey of their employees at Dawlance. A delegation from Turkey was also presented.

KVTC trainees performed Pakistan’s National anthem, as well as Turkey’s national anthem on the stage and represented “Pak-Turkey Friendship” at this prestigious event. 🇹🇷🇵🇰

@dawlancepk @brand.logics (may 28 2022)

MOU signing with…

MOU signing with Ziauddin University Department of Clinical Psychology

We are pleased to announce that KVTC and Ziauddin University Department of Clinical Psychology signed the MoU for a continuation of collaborative efforts toward ‘Enabling the Differently Abled’. (sept 2 2022)

KVTC-PSO Student…  

KVTC & PSO signs contract for sponsorship of students

We are so grateful for the continued support of Pakistan State Oil – PSO @psopakistan

A contract signing ceremony was held yesterday for the sponsorship of the differently abled students of KVTC.

We express our continued gratitude to PSO for their dedication to our cause of ‘Enabling the Differently Abled’.

To sponsor our students’ rehabilitation and education please visit our website (SEPTEMBER 16, 2022)