Triumphant Glory KVTC’s Differently-Abled Kickboxers Shine in Lahore Championship

The Karachi Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) made headlines at the Intra Division Kickboxing Championship in Lahore, demonstrating exceptional prowess and resilience. Differently-abled members of the KVTC kickboxing team clinched an impressive 14 gold and 2 silver medals, securing the prestigious 1st position trophy and proudly representing Sindh on a national scale.
The Medal Distribution Ceremony, a jubilant affair honoring these outstanding athletes, welcomed esteemed guests from Pak Kuwait Investment Company. Mr. Naveed Sherwani, Senior Executive Vice President/Chief Risk Officer, Mr. Hammad Anwar, Head HR & GSSD, and Ms. Firoza Salman, Vice President GSSD, bestowed medals upon each participant, recognizing their remarkable feats.
The event garnered attention from notable figures such as KVTC’s President, Dr. Akhter Aziz Khan, CEO Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, Joint Secretary Prof. Dr. Farhan Essa, and Vice President Mr. Muhammad Qaysar Alam, all of whom provided unwavering support to the triumphant kickboxers.
Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, CEO of KVTC, expressed profound pride in the athletes, remarking, “This victory transcends mere medals; it underscores the indomitable spirit of determination, affirming our belief in the potential of ‘Qabil Hai Pakistan‘. Our kickboxers have showcased extraordinary skills, and we stand immensely proud of their accomplishments.”
Prof. Dr. Farhan Essa, Joint Secretary of KVTC, highlighted the significance of such triumphs in promoting inclusivity and empowering differently-abled individuals. “KVTC stands as a beacon of hope, celebrating abilities and dismantling barriers. These exceptional athletes embody resilience and excellence, underscoring the importance of inclusivity in unlocking boundless potential,” he stated.
The Medal Distribution Ceremony underscored KVTC’s dedication to providing opportunities for differently-abled individuals, offering a platform for them to shine on a national stage.
KVTC continues to inspire and uplift, demonstrating that with determination and support, greatness is within reach.