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Taking Dis out of Disability

KVTC teaches life sustaining skills to intellectually challenged people to help them lead better lives.

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Technical Simulation Learning Lab Program

Learn Carpentry, Automotive Spray Painting and Welding in our Technical Simulation Learning Lab Program for abled and disabled.

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Jiddat – A Brand by KVTC.

‘Jiddat’ means “Innovation” in Urdu language & it is our high quality block-printed women’s apparel and home accessories brand. This project provides our trainees a complete learning experience in entrepreneurship and provides a means to sustainable living.

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Friends of KVTC

This journey would not have been possible without the help of our friends along the way

Our Achievements


Special Olympics

KVTC has provided job placements for over 500 graduates. We are the 1st functional Vocational Training Centre in Pakistan for Intellectually Challenged people. We are the only SEN school in Pakistan to be chosen to participate in the International Inspirations program, a legacy project by British Council, UK Sport, UNICEF, & other prolific partners


KVTC Corporate Partners

By supporting KVTC, you are supporting winners! KVTC has a strong sporting tradition. Trainees regularly engage in many sports and athletic activities provincially, nationally, and internationally. KVTC has dominated Sports events since 1992, including the Special Olympics, just a year after being founded!


Our Achievemenents

Through our partners’ generous support, we have launched The First Montessori Program for Mentally Challenged people In Pakistan. Our partners have helped us unleash & nurture our trainees’ creativity through skill enhancement exercises, encouraging their talents, & R&D.


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Each trainee’s IEP & IVP is designed by staff which comprise of educationalists, psychologists, psychiatrists, Special Educators, therapists, family. These individualized plans are then implemented primarily by KVTC trained staff, volunteers (including internees from universities), and the trainee’s family.

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Internship Programs

Help out in academic classes or skill departments and teach the children new skills. People with disabilities have the right to work, but they must be given the means to enable them to exercise that right.

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Awareness & Knowledge Sharing

Most SEN Schools/Institutions in Karachi and throughout Sindh are functioning mainly as shelters or day-care centers. These centers have crudely designed programs in place that cater insufficiently to the 9 Personality Development Areas where a child’s deficiencies may classify him/her as being Intellectually Challenged (IC) or someone with Learning Difficulties (LD).

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Job Placement & Follow-up Services

We are the 1st Vocational Training Centre in Pakistan for Intellectually Challenged people. In 1992, KVTC formed a Partnership with Mr. Burger®, a fast food restaurant in Karachi, to implement the first On-job training program for intellectually challenged people in Pakistan.

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Research and Development

Our services have been identified internationally as the only complete mental rehabilitation program in Pakistan because we ensure the gainful employment of intellectually challenged (IC) people & have proved their proficiency as a valuable source of labor both in office & field/factory work.

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Crisis Intervention

Intellectually Disabled people are the most marginalized & vulnerable segment of our society, particularly those coming from low income areas of Karachi where awareness & sensitivities towards them are generally very low, rendering them defenseless prey for abuse or worse.

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Our goal is social integration of people with intellectual challenges into the mainstream of Pakistani society
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