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Mr. Mohammed Farhan Hanif

Treasurer Chiarman - Crown Group of Industries
I am really glad for being connected with KVTC for years. This institution is helping lots of intellectually challenged children for the betterment of their families and their lives. KVTC took a very rare step towards positivity which is much needed in this era. I just want to say disability is just a matter of perception, these children are the future of our country. Every child deserves honor and normal life to live. These intellectually capable children are multi-talented and have more capacity to learn and do practical things in life. This institution is giving them a chance to grow in their lives and live it fully, we need more institutions like KVTC for the improvement of society. I am very proud to be with KVTC by supporting talented children of our society, they have full right to accomplish their ambitions and goals and grow in their life.