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Shehryar Mughal

When one visits Karachi Vocational Training Center, you will see a smiling young man Shehryar Mughal in the Block printing department designing clothes for the institute’s brand JIDDAT and helping his fellow trainees. However, if Shehryar was to be seen 4 years back, he might have been difficult to recognize as if he was troubled. With a normal life till age 7, he met a severe accident and suffered a head injury. The injury took away his opportunities to study and he lost purpose in life. With some trepidation, Shehryar’s parent brought him to KVTC in 2016. With his vocational training and personality development program, Shehryar turned a new leaf.

At KVTC Dedication doesn’t have an Off-season!
The small successes that he achieved in KVTC ignited the spark in him that made Shehryar more focused and he continued working on developing the skills to assist him in reaching where he is today. Shehryar is now a crucial part of JIDDAT’s production and is an earning member of the family.

Shehzore Aziz

Meet Shezor Aziz. He graduated from KVTC and now he’s working at one of the big cement manufacturers of Pakistan “Attock Cement Pakistan Ltd.” KVTC helped him overcome challenges and now he is an active member of the society while being able to make a good living as well. Shehzore went through the training process at KVTC and as a part of it; he joined his father’s business as a cashier under the Training and Home Support Program set for him. His training, progress, and sincere effort gave him the opportunity to work as a Cashier in Mr. Burger. He later joined HSBC Bank for 3 years in Human Resource Department. With his unstoppable attempts to move forward, .

At KVTC Dedication doesn’t have an Off-season!
KVTC is not only a vocational rehabilitation Centre it is a hub of unbridled compassion and motivation. Each day here is the relentless hard work to empower the people with intellectual challenges so that they can fend for themselves. These success stories are living examples of the dedication of each and every individual at Karachi Vocational Training Centre, because when life puts KVTC in challenges we do not say “why us”, we say “Try Us”.

Aqib Butt

Hyder Mehmood

Ahmed Jamil