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Technical Simulation Learning Lab

for abled and disabled people

What is Technical Simulation Learning Lab?

Technical Simulation Learning Lab is a collaboration of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammernarbeit (GIZ) with Karachi Vocational Training Centre for the Intellectually Challenged (KVTC). This program was launched on 15th March 2014 and it allows KVTC to pioneer use of Virtual Simulators for providing trainees skills in automotive spray-painting, carpentry and welding.

How Is It Different From Other Vocational Training Programs? 

This project allows KVTC to provide equipment and expertise for training disabled and abled students in Welding, House-building and Automotive Spray-painting through simulation learning technologies. In this way, safety and cost issues which normally serve as a barrier to the abled and disabled people will be removed and will put them on the road to acquiring marketable technical skills which were previously out of their reach.

How Does It Work?

Virtual Simulation Learning for disabled and abled people is a state of the art technology that is new to Pakistan. It allows marginalized and special case trainees, along with regular trainees to undertake training in a safe, controlled and cost effective manner.

This program covers three main functions: Automotive spray painting, welding and carpentry. Information Technology and Virtual Simulation is used to create real time experiences and teach key skills to the abled and disabled people.

After the trainees have been prepared and trained through virtual trainings and simulations, they are given a chance to improve their skills in an actual workshop with real tools in order to help them become comfortable with a real life situation and develop their skills further. Once, a trainee shows satisfactory progress they are given the opportunity to gain employment.

What Are Technical Simulation Learning Lab Program’s Objectives?

The project, implemented through standard curricula customized by KVTC for intellectually disabled and abled people, aims to find gainful employment for over 100 beneficiaries including intellectually disabled people & unemployed youth that hope to advance themselves through the acquiring of technical skills.

Another major objective is to get technical institutes from the private & public sector in Pakistan to open their doors for intellectually disabled people, giving them an equal & deserving opportunity to utilize their true potential and gain professional qualifications needed to face the ever mounting challenges of Pakistan’s job market.

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