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Yusra Iqbal

Yusra Iqbal
May 27, 2016 Muhammad Ali

Yusra Iqbal

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General information:

Female 10/01/1997 18 634 Korangi Crossing, Selawala Town, Karachi


Yusra is a person who has

  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Behavioral Problems

Downs Syndrome is a genetic condition in some people who are born with an extra pair of chromosomes.

Yusra faces behavioral problems such as stubborn and uncooperative behavior when she is asked to do something against her will. Initially she was aggressive when things did not go her way. She had no concept of reading and writing English or Urdu.

She also had low confidence and a lack of self belief to complete tasks.

KVTC ‘s Intervention:

After joining KVTC,

  • Yusra has overcome her stubborn and aggressive behavior through psychotherapy sessions.
  • She has now excelled in her academic skills and she can write coherent sentences
  • She has become confident and she carries out tasks independently.



Yusra took part in the Tae Kwon Do competition held at the Disability Expo in 2015 at the Expo Centre Karachi.

Yusra is currently enrolled in two therapy sessions and one vocational skill


  1. Yusra has progressed on to the second module where she is learning how to plat her hair and how to neatly brush her hair.
  2. Yusra has shown the ability to listen and cooperate with teachers and other trainees.
  3. Yusra is currently learning different types of stitches using a sewing machine. After three months she will move on to learning how to stitch trousers, cushions and simple bags.

Currently Yusra is also learning how to Auto spray-paint a car using a virtual simulator. With this training she will be able to apply her skills accurately in a practical setting. In three months she will be able to spray paint in a practical setting.


Appeal for sponsorship:

How will sponsorship benefit Yusra?

The sponsorship will enable Yusra to continue to excel and increase her skills, and to hopefully progress into an in house internship with KVTC.

Yusra is a talented girl with a lot of potential to go far and gain meaningful. She needs financial support in order to continue her learning journey.


Skills Hand Embroidery Occupational Therapy 
Monthly PKR 6300 7000
Annual PKR 75600 84000
Time Period 2 years 2 years

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