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Wasiq Sheikh

Wasiq Sheikh
May 22, 2016 Muhammad Ali

Wasik Sheikh

Wasiq Sheik

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General information:

Male  25 Sadddar, Luck Star, Dhen Bhai Compound, Mir Karami, Ali Talpur Road, House number 8.


Wasik is a person who has:

  1. A Learning Disability
  2. Behavioral issues such as, physical aggression
  3. Cerebral palsy
  4. Gross motor and fine motor issues
  5. Speech and communication issues

Wasik has speech issues and he cannot communicate his feeling properly. He also has cerebral palsy that limits his mobility, and he has problems running and using a pencil. His mobility and speech issues lead to aggression as he cannot express himself fully.

KVTC ‘s Intervention:

When Wasik first joined KVTC, he:

  1. Had speaking problems and couldn’t form words
  2. Had Anger management issues
  3. Was restless and anxious personality
  4. Had problems socializing


Wasik’s Improvements

  1. Wasik can now take part in sports such as TOPS sports, which is a UK certified program to create meaningful physical education
  2. This has helped him to channel hos aggression and increase his gross motor skills through ball games and fine motor skills through target practice.
  3. His attention has improved and he can now concentrate on tasks for longer periods
  4. His confidence has increased and he gradually improving.


Wasik is enrolled in two therapeutic programs

Sports therapy (TOPS program) – to improve his body balance and motor body movement

Occupational Therapy – to help improve his gross motor skills and fine motor skills


Appeal for sponsorship:

Wasik needs support in order for him to continue his rehabilitation process and to develop his skills that can lead him to future employment.

Skills Hand Embroidery Occupational Therapy 
Monthly PKR 6300 7000
Annual PKR 75600 84000
Time Period 2 years 2 years

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