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Sohail Abid

Sohail Abid
May 27, 2016 Muhammad Ali

Sohail Abid

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General information:

Male 1/07/1983 35 66 I, 25th st Phase 6, DHA, Karachi


Sohail has a learning disability, speech issues and behavioral problems.

How the disability affects him?

A learning disability is characterized by issues with reading/writing, underdeveloped speech and a below average IQ level. As a result, Sohail has a speech problem and he cannot sound words properly to make coherent sense. Sohail also finds it challenging consolidating new learning.

KVTC ‘s Intervention:

When sohail first joined KVTC:

  • Sohail had limited functional academic training and he could not read or write.
  • He exhibited stubborn and uncooperative behavior and unwillingness to learn.
  • Sohail would become aggressive and disruptive if he was not given his way.
  • He lacked motivation in initiating tasks and had a limited attention span.

Improvements due to intervention

To address his behavioral problems he was enrolled into group therapy and occupational therapy sessions.

Sohail has improved in these areas:-

  • Behavior -he is more cooperative and less stubborn.
  • Attention span -he can concentrate on tasks for a longer period of time.
  • Motivation -he is more motivated to initiate tasks.
  • Confidence -he has become more confident in his own abilities.
  • Eye contact with people.



  • He can write A-Z in the correct order.
  • He can write numbers from 1-30.
  • He has overcome his aggressive behavior.
  • He can recognize and distinguish between different colors.
  • Sohail is currently enrolled in two therapy sessions.

Art therapy

  • Art therapy is focused on developing Sohail’s drawing and art concept.Along with providing a nurturing environment in which to develop his fine motor skills.
  • Sohail has developed his concept of different colors and currently he is learning to improve this grip by coloring with a pencil and a thumb printing different colored paints on a picture.


  • Sohail is enrolled in Montessori class this is a group therapy session. which aims to improve a Sohail’s social skills in a nurturing setting.
  • Currently Sohail is developing his color concept and fine motor skills by sorting different colored beads.

Sponsorship appeal

How will sponsorship benefit Sohail?

  • The sponsorship will benefit Sohail by enabling him to continue with his therapeutic sessions.
  • These sessions are vital in order for him to develop skills such as griping a pencil in order to be enrolled into a vocational skill.


Skills Hand Embroidery Occupational Therapy 
Monthly PKR 6300 7000
Annual PKR 75600 84000
Time Period 2 years 2 years

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