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Muhammad Zubair

Muhammad Zubair
May 28, 2016 Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Zubair

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General information:

Female 10/01/1997 18 D-23 Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.


Zubair is a person who:

  • Is epileptic
  • Has Speech issues
  • Has weak eyesight
  • Has behavior problems

How the disability affects him?

Zubairs` epilepsy means he can have a fit any time and he needs constant supervision along with an fixed routine.

His Speech issues means he cannot communicate effectively.Thus this leads to frustration and mood swings as he cannot express himself.

His reduced vision means he cannot carry out certain tasks which require good vision.

KVTC’s Intervention:

When Zubair first joined KVTC:

  • He had no concept of writing and reading Urdu and English
  • He had no understanding of drawing or coloring.
  • He also had a lack of social skills and he did not know how to interact with people.
  • He had low motivation in starting a task and he didn’t actively apply himself.
  • He had low self esteem and a lack of belief in his own

Improvements due to intervention

To help him improve his reading/writing skills he was enrolled into the academic department. He has shown vast improvement he can now has a concept of reading and writing.

His social skills have improved he now enjoys taking part in sporting activities with his classmates.

He takes an keen interest in sports and participates in sporting activities such as TOPs. This is a UK certified sports therapy and meaningful school sports.


He participated in SCRC sports event in the 23 meter race and got 2nd position.

Zubair is currently enrolled in two therapy sessions and one vocational skill.

Occupational Therapy

  • Occupational therapy is focused on improving his fine motor skills through tasks such as picking items with tweezers.
  • Zubair has shown great improvement in his fine motor skills along with hiss gross motor skills.
  • Although, he still needs support to have full control of his movements.

Speech Therapy

In speech therapy Zubair is currently learning how to sound words correctly trough tasks such as, word picture association.
This is activity where Zubair is asked to speak the name of the picture on the card.

Shelter Workshop

  • Shelter workshop is a combination of vocational and therapy in order for Zubair to develop his skills in an nurturing setting.
  • He has finished Module 1 and is moving on to Module 2. Where he learning to make envelopes.

Appeal for sponsorship:

How will sponsorship benefit Zubair?

The sponsorship will enable him to continue to develop his fine motor and gross motor skills through Occupational therapy:

  • It will enable him to develop his communication skills through speech therapy which are vital for him in order to progress into vocational skill.
  • This support is essential for Zubair for him to develop the skills that will lead him om to future employment.




Skills Hand Embroidery Occupational Therapy 
Monthly PKR 6300 7000
Annual PKR 75600 84000
Time Period 2 years 2 years

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