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Muhammad Yousuf

Muhammad Yousuf
May 28, 2016 Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Yousuf

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General information:

Male —— 33 664/F14, F.B area, Karachi.


Yusuf is a person:

  • Who is on the autistic spectrum.
  • He has behavioral issues
  • He exhibits low impulse control.
  • He is epileptic.
  • He also has fine motor issues

How the disability affects him?

Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD] is characterized by lack of social interaction, repetitive behavior and speech impairments. Yousuf finds social situations problematic such as he cannot carry an conversation and he avoids eye contact. The inability to interact and connect with people leads to aggression and frustration. He also has an fine motor issue with movement in his hands and thus he finds it hard to write and grip objects correctly.

KVTC’s Intervention

When Yousuf first joined KVTC he had-

  • A lack of academic skills and he could not read or write.
  • Verbal speech problems and yousuf only produced sounds.
  • He had a of lack fine motor skills and gross motor skills
  • He also had an lack of motivation to start an task.

Improvements due to intervention:

  • Yousuf has shown considerable improvement as a result of the intervention.
  • Individual therapy sessions have helped him deal with his anger.His interpersonal skills have improved and he is better at interacting with people. Thus, his aggressive behaviors have reduced considerably.
  • He has also improved his gross motor skills through sports and occupational therapy sessions.


  • Yousuf participated in the Taekwondo completion at the Disability Expo 2015 at the Expo center Karachi.
  • Yousuf is currently enrolled in three therapy sessions.

Art therapy

  • This therapy focuses on increasing an trainee color concept. And acts a nurturing environment for them to improve their skills.
  • Yusuf is currently learning to thumb print and recognize different colors.
  • He is progressing and he is starting to distinguish color.

Occupational therapy

  • The main of purpose of Occupational therapy for Yusuf is for him to improve his fine motor skills such as his hand grip and to reduce his aggression.
  • He is currently learning card matching this is to improve his motor skill in picking up the cards and increase his memory.

Speech therapy

  • In speech therapy Yousuf is learning to sound words clearly through picture association.
  • He is also doing breathing exercises with balloons in order to improve his mouth muscles.


Appeal for sponsorship:

How will sponsorship benefit Yousuf?

  • The sponsorship will enable him to continue to develop his speech therapy sessions are critical for Yousuf . In order to develop verbal communication skills.
  • It will also provide with the opportunity for Yousuf to continue his art therapy which has really aided him in controlling his aggression.


Skills Hand Embroidery Occupational Therapy 
Monthly PKR 6300 7000
Annual PKR 75600 84000
Time Period 2 years 2 years

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