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May 28, 2016 Muhammad Ali


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General information:

Female 10/01/1997 18 Al Habib complex flat-303,near Hafiz model school, Solider bazaar Karachi.


Mehreen is a person who has:

  • A learning disability
  • Speech problem
  • Behavioral problems
  • Low self esteem

How the disability affects her?

Mehreen disability affects her learning of basic skills such as reading,writing and /or math.

A learning disability can cause underdeveloped speech. In Mehreen’s case she cannot sound words clearly and communicates through non verbal cues. She also has an immature behavior pattern. For example is she doesn’t get her way she sill become aggressive and demanding.

Mehreen before the KVTCs’ intervention

  • She had no concept of reading,writing and drawing.
  • She lacked self grooming and self care skills
  • She lacked motivation in starting a task.
  • She had a limited attention span.

KVTC ‘s Intervention:

Since joining KVTC she has shown areas of improvement in:

  • Grooming she now is more aware of her hygiene and self care
  • Personality she has really flourished and become friendly and polite

Mehreen’s self confidence is gradually improving with the help of therapy sessions.



A major achievement for Mehreen is that she improved her appearance and hygiene.

Mehreen is currently enrolled in two therapy sessions and one vocational skill.


Mehreen is currently learning the first module of grooming where she is learning to :-

.Brush and put her hair into a ponytail
.How to use deodorant
.How to brush her teeth properly Mehreen is making gradual progress and hopes to move on to module 2 next year.

Speech therapy

Mehreen is has delayed speech pattern and she is currently developing her mouth muscles to produce sound through the following activities:

Blowing air into a balloon
Blowing bubbles
Practicing vowels
Picture word association


Montessori is where group therapy session take place. The purpose of these sessions is to improve Mehreen social skills.

Currently she is learning module 1 where she is learning how to analyze and come to the best outcome e.g the maze task.
She is also taught sharing skills which is dealing with her demanding behavior.


Appeal for sponsorship:

How ill sponsorship help Mehreen?

.The sponsorship will enable Mehreen to continue with her Speech therapy session which is crucial for her to be able to verballing communicate.

.Also. when she has finished her therapy sessions she will be enrolled into a vocational skill.She has already been assessed. To find that she is best suited to learn Block printing.


Skills Hand Embroidery Occupational Therapy 
Monthly PKR 6300 7000
Annual PKR 75600 84000
Time Period 2 years 2 years

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