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January 19, 2016 Muhammad Ali



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General information:

Male 10/03/1980 34  H/no D/340 Sherpao basti, C.P Berar society B-7/8 Karachi


Amanullah has downs syndrome  coupled with a learning disability and behavioral problems such as aggression. He also has a eye sight problem.

KVTC ‘s Intervention:

When Amanullah first came to KVTC he had a lack of confidence in his own abilities. And he had a short attention span, he couldn’t concentrate on tasks for long period of time. Now, since KVTCs’ intervention there has been a drastic improvement. His concentration has improved thoroughly and he can concentrate on tasks such as assembling gift boxes. Also, he had lack of academic skills in mathematics. Now, he has improved and he can do simple calculations when buying grocery.
Currently he is working towards being enrolled into a vocational skill. And he is enrolled in :

  • Shelter— This is helping to develop his Pre –vocational skills such as making packing and gift boxes, cooking and cleaning skills. Currently, he is working in the kitchen as a intern learning skills such as cleaning and cooking . This is developing his gross motor skills.
  • Tops sport therapy– This is a UK certified program to help trainee get high quality physical education. This is developing his gross motor skills through ball games. And fine motor skills through target practice.

Appeal for sponsorship:

Amanullah’s father is a factory worker and his mother is a housewife. They are not financially viable to pay his full tuition fees. In order for him to continue his education he needs to be sponsored.
This sponsorship will benefit him by enabling him to continue to develop his pre-vocational skills such as box making in shelter and gross motor skills in the TOPs program. Then, he will be assessed using a Thematic Apperception Test testing his abilities and interest. Upon its results he will be enrolled into a vocational skills which matches his abilities and interests.

Skills Monthly cost Contribution from parents and guardians Time period. Sponsorship  required
Shelter 6,500               2 years 6300
Tops 6,500               2 years 75600
Total 19,500 9,700                 Sponsorship Fulfilled