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Our Achievements

Our Achievements

First Institute to initiate & implement Individual Education Plan system for Special Needs children:

There is no other institute in Pakistan that develops Individual Educational Programs for the mentally challenged & people with learning difficulties based on vocational skills development (IVPs) & the Montessori Method of education.

IEPs & IVPS are tailor-made training & development programs that we develop for each trainee separately, based on his/her IQ, thus ensuring the highest level of care & attention to detail during the trainee’s rehabilitation.

Global Pilot of Job Attachments for People with Learning Difficulties:

For the first time in Pakistan, mentally challenged trainees were involved in a student exchange program and were able to work in an actual office environment interacting with other co-workers.

After a successful program in Karachi, the British Council invited 2 faculty members and 4 students for internships in their London office.

First to start corporate sector Internships for Intellectually Challenged People:

Internships at ICI Pakistan: In 2006, 12 trainees were selected for internship programs at ICI Pakistan. 6 participants have already completed their internships. The program is on a perpetual basis and was initiated on 2nd October 2006.

Since then, many more local & multinational businesses have opened their doors for KVTC’s trainees e.g. HSBC Bank Middle East PLC, Attock Petroleum PVT LTD, Unilever Pakistan & others.

First Montessori Program for Intellectually Challenged People in Pakistan:

In 2009, with the generous support of HSBC Bank Middle East LTD, KVTC launched yet another unprecedented project in Pakistan. For the first time ever, intellectually challenged people have benefited from a formal Montessori program that has proven to speed up their rehabilitation & enhance their capabilities, creating many more job opportunities for them.

This program was developed in 2008 by KVTC’s Focus Group & was only made possible when some like-minded people from HSBC Bank Middle East Pakistan visited the center & understood the importance of such a program in Pakistan.

First Vocational Training Centre in Pakistan for Intellectually Challenged people
First On-job Training program for Intellectually Challenged people in Pakistan

In 1992, KVTC formed a Partnership with Mr. Burger®, a fast food restaurant in Karachi, to implement the First On-job training program for Intellectually Challenged people in Pakistan.

Our trainees were able to interact with the public at large and work at a real job at par with other co-workers.

Many of our trainees continue to earn their livelihoods amongst regular co-workers at Mr.Burger & the restaurant has since been a vital resource for On-Job Training

First fully functional sheltered workshop for intellectually Challenged persons in Pakistan:

Initiated in 1994 with help from the Busy Bees Ladies Club, trainees at KVTC are provided a rare opportunity to develop their job skills & social behavior so that are able to function better at their jobs once they find employment.

It also serves as a job center for trainees with severe disabilities. Simple jobs are brought to them at the center, for which they are duly compensated.

The First Training Hostel for Intellectually Challenged people in Pakistan: Inaugurated in 2003, this specially designed 36 bedded hostel provides more than just comfortable lodgings for our trainees. At the Al-Rahman Training Hostel, they learn the basic daily-life skills that would help them live alongside other people such as their families & friends independently e.g. personal hygiene, taking care of belongings, cooking etc.

In 1993 KVTC started free medical camps in Baltistan & Skardu, benefiting 290 people. Patients were provided counselling and medication. We regularly hold these camps & currently, there are 1200 patients under KVTC’s treatment, while over 2000 are being cared for by 5 General Physicians on our panel, whom we are regularly training & educating since the program began. In each such camp, we are able to treat an average of 100 patients a day.

The First gift shop in Karachi dedicated solely to items made exclusively by intellectually challenged people. Launched in 2005, The KVTC Shop hosts everything produced by trainees at the centre such as Women’s wear, hand bags, Aromatic Candles, and other gift items. (Location: Nasir Shaheed Park, Gate 3, Phase 4, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan)