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‘Jiddat’ means “Innovation” in Urdu

What is ‘Jiddat’?

‘Jiddat’ means “Innovation” in Urdu, the language of Pakistan. It is the name given to KVTC’s line of Women’s Apparel that has already seen 2 successful sold out exhibitions in Karachi. With professional help and dedicated teachers, ID trainees make high quality block-printed suits, scarves, palazzos, pants, & other women’s apparel, pack them, and eventually help sell them in exhibitions.

This gives them a complete learning experience in entrepreneurship and customer service (2 of many key skills our trainees are able to use when they get employed in companies like HSBC, Attock Petroleum, & Unilever Pakistan), but most importantly, an income and a means to independence.

Finally, Jiddat also contributes towards the ever-mounting expenses of running the Centre itself, providing rehabilitation services to over 140 trainees at highly subsidized rates.

How Jiddat is helping Intellectually Disabled people?

The general work place in Pakistan still has a long way to go in terms of being accessible to people with physical disabilities, whereby most employers are reluctant to hire disabled people because they perceive them to have limited or insufficient capabilities to perform jobs. This lack of awareness results in even stronger barriers for intellectually disabled people who are almost never considered for employment.

While KVTC has had unprecedented success in this area, we feel that we can find employment for more disabled people through the set up of small-medium enterprises, based on the skills they learn at the centre, and the manufacture and sale of items produced and marketed by disabled people themselves.

Your support is needed to help us in our endeavor to improve the lives of intellectually disabled youth by joining ‘Jiddat’, a project that aims to empower ID people through textiles skills training leading to gainful employment through which they can become independent, contributing, and useful members of society.

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